The Tree

I took this picture while on a commissioned family photo shoot at a location called Contra Loma in my hometown of Antioch, Ca. As a kid I remember coming here for BBQ's and family picnics. It's been YEARS since I've been here! Funny, it seemed so much bigger when I was younger. I felt bad for this tree. Amongst all this beautiful foliage was this bald, seemingly gray tree. It was like when I was taking pictures of all the other trees he (I'm assuming it's a man since it's bald) was just staring at me as if to say "Hey man, I'm here too ya know?" I set up my camera to bracket 3 shots to try to do an HDR look, but I must admit HDR never works out for me every time I try it. Using my Canon 1DX with a 35mm 1.4 L lens @ F8, I ended up using the properly exposed image, replaced the sky and performed light color adjustment in LR5 + Photoshop.

I feel like this image has November written all over it.


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