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Photo Field Trip - Muir Beach Lookout

Today was interesting. I've been swamped with shoots this November and I decided I needed a day to unwind. I called my good friend Jonathan Ayers (I call him Jig) to see if he wanted to take a day to explore Northern California. I had no idea where we were going to go, I just knew I had a full tank of gas, a bunch of empty memory cards and my camera. There are SO many great photo locations in this state and I was determined to find a few hidden gems. With not a care in the world, we traveled north on Highway 1 and ended up in a city named Tomales, a few miles north of Point Reyes. <------Nice name, huh? lol.

As we drove around we found some pretty cool subjects to shoot. Old boats, abandoned houses that look like "Carrie" lived there and a few vultures feeding on road kill. (Yes, we stopped the car and tried to get the shot of the morbid feast…I got nothing.

I think Jig got the money shot on that one. On our way back, we stopped at Muir Beach Lookout (Pic at the very top) and then it hit us: Jig needed a photo for his website So, as we drove back down the coast we looked for the perfect spot. We drove and drove until Jig saw a rock on a cliff that spoke to him. (I'm not sure if the rock spoke English or Spanish, I just know he was like "Brian, pull over, pull over now!") We parked at the nearest turn off (a DANGEROUS turnoff I might add, there were crosses all over the place from people who didn't quite make it) and hiked down a steep hill that made me feel like I was on the TV show Survivior. Jig jumped on a rock that was part of a cliff that was so high in the air that my palms got sweaty for him in fear that if he fell, it would without a doubt be game over. While he was taking pictures of the Pacific Ocean on the rock, I got a shot of him. The moment I tripped the shutter, I knew this was the one.

This phot of Jig pretty much sums up what kind of day we had.

In a world where it seems like everything I do is planned/scheduled, it was really nice to get away and just drive.

If you're reading this, do me a favor. Make it a point to get away once in a while and recharge.

You deserve it.


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