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REFUGE x Fangoria Movie Poster Photoshoot

So, there's a scene in the current movie I'm working on entitled "REFUGE" where the lead actress "Lily" is contacted by her agent Johnny K to star in one of his upcoming films. Hanging on the wall in his office, there is a framed poster of a magazine cover in which Lily is the cover model from her last "slasher" film.

The film's director, Teddy Gyi called me and said he needed an image ASAP as he had JUST gotten permission from popular horror magazine FANGORIA to use their image likeness for the poster. A few days later he came by with Soraya Moore (Lily) and an old friend Michael Brady aka "Bonez Dangerfield" to take the pic. Teddy wanted the image to portray Lily as a vampire who had just fed on an unsuspecting victim.

Although Mike Brady did have a fresh adidas track jacket on, we felt like his blood would have been much too potent for our lead actress, so we called on the ever talented Sadie to stand in as the victim. The image above is a striking test image I took of Mike about to feast on Teddy and his "Angry Birds" tiger beanie, while the image belowt is the final product. I'm anxious to see if you notice once REFUGE is released.

Here's the final image:


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